We continue with our Case Management Clinics. On December 19, 2017 we were in the parish María Madre de la Iglesia in Villa Nevárez, Río Piedras and were blessed to have the Holy Sacrament exposed and to count with the presence of Beatriz Voz de Ángel praying, singing and praising the Lord; it was a balm for many of those present that came to us tired and anxious. We also counted with the attendance of Father Tomás, Father Ángel Ciappi and Father Carmelo whom were confessing and spiritually guiding. We also had a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a lawyer and the case managers providing help to the victims. On the other hand, we served 100 lunches, supplies and cleaning products.

We feel very happy to be able to offer this integral, human and dignified help for the Glory of God!