Donate today to the victims of Hurácan María in Puerto Rico!

Cáritas of Puerto Rico is aiding the victims of Hurricane Maria, providing them with assistance, social, human and spiritual support. We have already impacted thousands of families throughout Puerto Rico as a living sign of God’s love in a very difficult time for those who live in Puerto Rico. We are part of the Caritas Internationalis Confederation and a member agency of Catholic Charities USA.

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Cáritas de Puerto Rico works to combat the marginalization and despair of the weakest in the light of God’s love; and encourages the transformation of each individual so that each one achieves the well-being of his family and his community.


To be witnesses of the love of God through our charitable action. Ensure human rights, equity and the possibility of everyone living a dignified life.
Caritas de Puerto Rico

Our services

Services we offer throughout the year:

  1. Comprehensive Family Development Program
  2. Center for Integrated Services for the Elderly Our Lady of Lourdes
  3. Home Helpers
  4. Migratory Services
  5. Help the homeless
  6. Prevention and Response to Emergencies and Natural Disasters in Puerto Rico
  7. Support for Emergencies and Disasters outside PR
  8. Family Food Program
  9. Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Program
  10. Human and Community Development Campaign
  11. Psychological Support Program
  12. Emergency Family Assistance Services
  13. Support Center Services: Hot Meals and Cleaning Effects
  14. Student Scholarships
  15. Caritas Parish
  16. Spiritual Support
  17. General Social Services
  18. Training workshops, Orientation and Community Support
  19. Any help or need that arises